Cheers to nature

Welcome to Demir Kapija. The pioneer in wine tourism, an ideal place for all outdoor activity, enjoys nature, and rest for your soul!

wide spectrum of adventurous activities 

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Demir Kapija’s Canyon


Vardar River.

Adventures in all 4 seasons

Find here your best adventures all year round! From hiking and climbing, kayaking and bike tours, to wine and food testing - Demir Kapija is pretty in all seasons!

Demir Kapija or Iron Gate through the Ages

In addition to the opportunities for active recreation and enjoyment of nature, Demir Kapija has real archaeological treasures, historical monuments and cultural heritage sites! Learn the history of the ancient land with us!

Explore the Macedonian Culture.

Get to know Macedonian culture and traditions through local festivals and holidays, food and wine culture, historical sites, and unique objects!

Warm and hospitable residents of a small but pretty town are waiting for dear guests to show their history of winemaking, preparing traditional food, introducing them to local attractions, archaeological sites, and telling wonderful stories!