Popova Kula Winery Hotel & Trailer Camp

Popova Kula Winery is a producer of fine wines and a desired tourist destination.

Within the winery there is a hotel, restaurant, gift shop and camping ground.

More info: www.popovakula.com.mk

Mobile phone / Viber +389 76 432 630

email: reservation@popovakula.com.mk

Royal Winery Queen Maria

Founded at the beginning of last century, the Royal Winery today is a whole complex of the luxury apartments, winery and wine bars, restaurant, amphitheater, Queen Maria’s luxury villa, peacocks, and green vicinities.

More info: www.wineryqueenmaria.com/ 

mail: recepcijamarija@gmail.com

Mobile phone: +389 43 446 500

Verdisso Hotel & Spa

Modern hotel, restaurant, swimming pool and playground. This is where hospitality aspiration meets innovation!

More info: http://verdisso.com/

e-mail.: info@verdisso.com

Tel: +389 70 358 200

Rock Land Camp

Camping for trailers and tents with huge yard and all necessary equipment.

For more info www.campingmacedonia.com

Tel. +389 70 34 34 01

Akvatica fish ponds Trailer Camp

Place for fishing, rest and camping.

For more info: http://www.akvatika.mk/park.html

Tel. +389 76 838 358

Open from 15.04 till 20.09 

Open hours from 10:00 to 19:00